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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Since I was 19 I wanted my nose to be more balanced with the rest of my face.

I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and it left me with a larger than average nose.

I want to reduce my nostril size, as they flare a lot when I smile.

I am interested in having a rhinoplasty and chin implants.

I am trying to find a surgeon that specialises in black noses.

I need a nose surgery, could you let me know my options?

I have a deviated septum, would NHS provide funding for septorhinoplasty or only for septoplasty?

If I am still unhappy with my nose after it has fully healed, do you offer a revision?

I dislike my pointed tip and bump and I am considering nose surgery.

After the initial consultation, how long would it be before surgery?

My doctor suggested to have a 3D scan, do you provide such?

I am HIV positive and would like to know which are the possible risks for a rhinoplasty?

If someone got high blood pressure, can still get the rhinoplasty done?

How much would a nose job cost?

I really want to have a rhinoplasty.

What is the maximun price for a nose job?

Should I have a second opinion on my revision rhinoplasty?

I would like to reduce the size of my nose both in length and width.

I really want to get my nose done, could you tell me where your surgery is based?

What is the total cost of a second rhinoplasty?

My skin is too thin to having my nose built up.

I have just turned 18 and I have had a problem with my nose all my life.

I am looking to have tip rhinoplasty surgery.

I am interested to change the shape of my nose because of my deviated septum.

I was wondering what is the cost for rhinoplasty?

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