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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Just wanted to know an estimated prince for the average nose job.

I am looking to have the bridge of my nose done as the nasal bone is quite prominent.

I had rhinoplasty done two years ago. I had it done whilst my nose was broken.

I wish to get rid of my nose implant. How much will it cost?

How much would it cost for a chin readjustment and a nose job?

Would I be able to have a nose job at 15?

I am still very bothered about my nose as too much was taken off.

Could you let me know the price for a rhinoplasty and for the first appointment?

What age can you get rhinoplasty at?

My nose is a bit bend causing the right side of my nose not to have a small pointy tip.

I had rhinoplasty abroad recently and I am experiencing some supra-tip swelling!

Is there a operation to reduce the size of my nose?

Can I have my nose done as I loose weight?

Is there a problem of being foreign citizen and have a rhinoplasty done in UK?

Do you offer a monthly payment option for rhinoplasty?

I am interested in revision rhinoplasty.

The left side of my nose has a fractured cartilage and my nostrils have different shapes.

Can you do punch excision on the nose?

How much do you charge for rhinoplasty?

Do you offer steroid injections after rhinoplasty?

My nose has a bump right near my left eye.

Hi,I am looking at Rhinplasty surgery and just wanted to know the approximate recovery time, how long to see …

How much a revision rhinoplasty and breast enlargement would be?

Do you also do non surgical nose jobs?

I would like to define the tip of my nose.

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