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What if something goes wrong and I'm not happy with the results of my surgery?

Although they are extremely rare, complications can arise with any surgical procedure, despite the best efforts of both the surgeon and the patient. If the medical outcome of the surgery desired by both the patient and surgeon is not achieved, the surgeon will waive the surgical fee. However, expenses involving the hospital stay and the anaesthetists's fees must still be paid by the patient.

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What if I have a complaint?

Everyone at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery seeks to offer you the very highest level of service. However we recognize that there may be times when you feel you have reason to complain. Should this happen, please address your complaint to the Practice Manager so she can deal with it appropriately.

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Can I be sure my privacy will be protected?

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has an obligation to ensure that your health records are maintained efficiently and your confidentiality is protected. We adhere to the guidelines of the Data Protection Act.

You, of course, have a right to view you medical records. If you wish to do so, please send a written request to our Practice Receptionist, Hannah Moselhi.

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