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Between dermal fillers and fat transfer, which one is better suited for dark circles with tear trough deformity?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 11 June 2011


Reading through the association of dark circles with tear trough deformity, you mentioned the treatment being fillers or fat transfer.

Is there any prefence between the two techniques, especially considering the natural ageing process where ideally we would like minimal damage and maximal benefits?

Also, for treating the pigmentation, which laser will be used?


It is difficult to give you the answers without an examination.

In someone that has thicker skin around the tear trough, fillers and fat transfer have relatively similar impact. When the skin in the area is very thin, fat transfer may be preferable, since it brings a better colour to the area.

For treating the pigmentation, there is no perfect answer, but fractional CO2 or Erbyum YAG have shown benefits. My suggestion would be to start with milder approach using creams that target skin bleaching, and depending on the response to upgrade to something more interventional.

If your skin colour colour is darker, you do need to discuss laser with someone very experienced as the chance of creating problems increases.

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