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Can I have my nose done as I loose weight?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 04 March 2012


I am 49 in a few weeks and have always looked young because I have a youthful face but an overweight body.

I am unhappy as I get older my nose seems to be getting bigger. I need to loose a lot of weight and wondered, if my nose will get slimmer?

Can I have my nose done as I loose weight, which will take sometime?

Also have issue with fat under the chin and upper/lower eyes but hard to distinguish when overweight.

However, I am asking because if I can look better as I loose weight it will help me stick to my weight loss plan. I will probably need a tummy tuck when finished as that is where most of the weight is now.


I don't think that there is significant loss of volume from the nose until such time that most of the fatty tissue in the body has disappeared. From what I have seen during surgery, the only area that has slightly more fatty tissue in some patients is just above the tip of the nose and a little bit towards the sides from that point.

In general terms, losing some weight from the body will increase the definition for the face. I am assuming that if you have always looked young it is also because there is relatively little sun damage in your facial skin, and I would encourage you to continue protecting your skin as it will appear a lot better through the years to come.

Depending on the amount of weight that you are planning to lose, there may be more laxity along the shoreline and under the chin, which can be addressed through surgery.

In general terms, if you have a commitment to losing weight, I would suggest doing so before you proceed to the surgery for the face and neck, as the type of intervention may also change.

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