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I am enquiring about cheek implants.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 20 November 2011


I am enquiring about cheek implants. I had a couple of discussions with two surgeons and read a lot of articles on the internet.

I know what effect I want from the procedure, which is probably less subtle than some of the implants give. I quite like a full rounded apple of the cheeks and cheek bones, so I would like reasonably large implants, I have a really small face and not good bone structure and totally fed up with having filler.

In the past I have had bioalcamid, which I had removed 2 years ago, which was brilliant and gave me the effect I wanted, but the practitioner that put it in, rang me after a few years and said he had had a number of patients with infections and advised that I had it removed as a precautionary measure, I trust him totally and did this, but don't want to keep having filler as it doesn't last.

Hoping you can help initially via email or by phone as I don't want the expense of consultations although know not all good surgeons charge.


The approach I would suggest is to evaluate in a consultation using 3D imaging and simulation the amount of change that you would like to achieve. Photographs of yourself at the time when you had the BioAlcamid would be useful guidance.

Finally, I would say that the more sensible approach would be to have a moderate augmentation with implants, which can be amplified with fat transfer or injectable fillers for the result that you seek.

This is because as we advance in age, a strong cheekbone prominence becomes somewhat distorting in the facial balance, and you may end up wanting to replace the implants.

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