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I am interested in a short scar arm lift.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 16 October 2011


I recently went to see a consultant plastic surgeon about a short scar arm lift and he said that I didn't need one.

I only have about an inch to lift.

Is it feasible, he did not do the short scar technique?


The short scar arm lift is a procedure with borderline indication. It can be carried out with either just the scar in the armpit or the scar in the armpit and a short scar on the inside of the upper arm.

The difficulty comes from the fact that it relies on tension applied in the armpit to operate the lift, and this can lead to bands of tightness in the armpit, or insufficient correction in the upper arm.

If the upper arm skin does not have extensive stretch marks or thinning, energy assisted liposuction like Bodytite or laser liposuction can produce a firming up and volume reduction that may be suitable for your requirements. If the skin is considerably thinned, it may be better to consider a formal arm lift.

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