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I am thinking of having Vaser high-definition on the cheeks and the entire chin area.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 26 December 2011


I am thinking of having VASER high-definition on the cheeks and the entire chin area.

Can you tell me what is the difference between normal Vaser and VASER high-definition and which one is generally used on the face?

Will VASER high-definition give me a sharp and defined jawline (there is fat but not a lot of fat under the chin). Does VASER high-definition actually tighten the skin cause I've heard different stories.

I need contraction of the neck more than fat loss to get a defined jawline. I am 30, is VASER high-definition going to really help me.

My skin elasticity is very good.


VASER high-definition is not usually applicable to the face and neck as far as I know. In terms of tightening, I think there is more effectiveness in the radio-frequency assisted technique or laser assisted, but there is no accurate way to compare.

As a personal view, I don't think there is significant skin tightening with any technique of liposuction, but there is a degree of firming up of the support of the skin, which in turn is perceived as skin tightening because there is less tissue gliding when transferring from lying down standing up under the influence of gravity.

In terms of the defined appearance of the lower face and neck, I would suggest a consultation using 3-D imaging and simulation to define your targets for correction. Based on that, it is possible to evaluate what procedures are more suitable to reach your goals, and effectively what degree of change is achievable.

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