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I have been searching for a treatment to reduce or completely remove my dark under eyes.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 11 February 2012


I have been searching for a treatment to reduce or completely remove my dark under eyes.

I know that I suffer with circulation issues, so perhaps this may be a cause as a result.

I also have a scar under one of my eyes, which makes my eyes look even darker when my face isn't tanned.

I'm 31 years old and look fairly young for my age, which I intend to keep, but my dark under eyes just make me feel so much older and unhealthy.

I am probably at the stage in my life where I should probably think about some botox/fillers. I've been suggested to do this, before it needs doing so that the result is more natural. But my immediate issue is with my eyes.

Are you able to offer treatment for my dark under eyes. And at a later date, I may wish to dish my options for botox/fillers + generally maintaining my youth.


The issues related to dark circles under the eyes commonly represent a combination of volume deficiency and colour.

To remove them completely is rarely an option, but in order to reduce them there are some alternatives.

They include using either hydroquinone based cream or a newer product called Lumixyl to try and reduce pigmentation. Sometimes however, the darker colour is related to transparency of the skin which is extremely thin in the area, and allows the underlying muscles to show through.

As far as volume correction, if there is also a deep line under the eyes (tear trough) volume enhancement using either injectable fillers or fat transfer represent an option.

The consultation is better then photographs for this purpose, because with the exception of very high resolution images the quality of the skin cannot be properly assessed in photographs.

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