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I have recently noticed that my chin is asymmetric.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 29 October 2011


I have recently noticed that my chin is asymmetric, not in bone structure, but there's a 'fat' bump on the right side of the chin which makes it look lower than the left side.

On that same right side the lips are higher than on the left side. Is it possible that this is due the fact I have the habit to 'half' smile with that side only (the right)?

If so, is surgery possible, or facial exercises are recommended to even the two sides?


It would be necessary to do an evaluation of the problem both relaxed and in animation, to identify whether the excess is fatty tissue or muscle.

To create improved symmetry there are a number of alternatives, depending on the underlying mechanism of the problem, but I would like to highlight that perfect symmetry is not achievable.

In the mechanisms used to correction asymmetric you will find options of botulinum toxin, injectable fillers, fat transfer, as well as implants.

In all fairness, without consultation it is difficult to give you a clearer guidance, since this is not a “classic" type of problem.

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