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When you perform buccal fat removal are you permanently removing the fat cells?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 30 November 2011


I hope you can answer my question as nobody else has ever asked this before and I am not even sure I have ever heard of anyone else with a similar problem.

I am 27 and I am interested in having the buccal fat removal. My weight is always slightly fluctuating (it has done this all my life). When I am at my lowest weight I really like the contour of my face (I have a naturally flattering bone structure).

However when I put weight on the first place it goes to is my face. At my heavier weight my face shape and size completely changes to the point that I am almost unrecognisable (I look like a completely different person).

My face becomes extremely round. My cheek bones are no longer visible and my jaw line becomes lost. My face augments to about 3 times larger. So I know that I have an excess amount of fat cells in my cheeks and perhaps just slightly under my chin too (the area between the neck and the tip of the chin).

Even at a healthy weight (slightly more than my lowest weight) I can not maintain the flattering contour and structure I desire in my face. In order to do this I have to have a diet of very low carbs and high protein but of course this is not always possible and difficult to maintain.

I am fed up of always being afraid of putting on even the tinniest bit of weight because of the changes it will make to my face.

My question is: When you perform this surgery are you permanently removing the fat cells or are you just extracting the fat that has been temporarily accumulated (with the potential to gain more in that area with future weight gain)?

And lastly if one does happen to become overly gaunt looking later in life is there a solution to this with some kind of corrective surgery?


Buccal fat further reduction has a permanent character, but from your description I would say that you probably would require a combination of liposuction for the superficial layer of fat tissue combined with the buccal fat treatment.

Whilst the buccal fat has limited fluctuations with weight variations, superficial fat treated with liposuction will vary more significantly. No treatment strips off the fatty tissue from the face completely, since this has a damaging effect for the facial aesthetics.

Finally, in the eventuality that later in life the appearance may become gaunt, fat transfer would be the main answer to correct the problem.

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