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Do you perform laser resurfacing FaceTite as a procedure?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 07 August 2012


I am looking for a solution to malar bags. I have tried fat transfer and liposuction. I have read that Adam Scheiner in Tampa has a solution offering laser resurfacing. I also read on a previous QA you mentioning FaceTite?

Do you perform laser resurfacing/FaceTite as a procedure?

I am unable to find anyone in the Uk that offer this as a surgical option.


To my knowledge, there is only one peer reviewed publication regarding the management of malar bags, and it refers to using a combination of mid face lift and lower eyelid (Vertical Subperiosteal Mid-face-lift for Treatment of Malar Festoons: Johannes Franz Hoenig • Daniel Knutti • Antonio de la Fuente).

I have not used the FaceTite option primarily because of concerns regarding irregularities in the areas after treatment and absence of a suitably structured study.

Facial resurfacing can only produce a degree of improvement if there is significant thinning of the skin in the area, and I believe should be considered as a finishing touch rather than main treatment.

It may indeed be the case that for the population in Florida, where sun damage to the skin is a significant component, resurfacing produces more significant improvements, but again there is no adequate study to show it.

I would be happy to see you in consultation and discuss some treatment options, as well well as their expected success rates and potential problems, for a condition that still poses a difficult challenge for treatment.

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