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I feel as though my chin is too large especially when I smile.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 25 June 2012


I feel as though my chin is too large especially when I smile. However it's not actually the bone causing the trouble it's a ball of tissue which I'm guessing is muscle and fat. I can feel where the actual bone is on my chin and it's not protruding in the slightest. I have no dental problems and am very slim.

Not sure what type of procedure I would need? I know bone shaving isn't necessary as its the tissue that's the problem, have been told to have botulinum toxin to soften the tissue?

Would like to know if you've ever dealt with this type of thing and recommend a procedure?


I think you have received good advice regarding the chin contouring, and that you have a good appreciation of the problem.

An evaluation of the changes in the chin contour when you smile would be necessary to be able to advise you more extensively.

As a starting point, I botulinum toxin can be used to provide improvement, and it would be a matter of assessing whether the degree of improvement if sufficient or whether further correction may still be required.

The 3-D evaluation of the changes you want to achieve may also highlight some surgical options.

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