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I had a neck lift done three years ago and have not been well since.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 22 December 2012


I had a neck lift done three years ago and have not been well since, I have had constant problems with my neck and throat from day one.

I have written to the surgeon on a few occasions and he said he has had no problems with other patients and have never known the problem that I have.

I have paid to have an endoscope done and it was discovered that I have a small sliding hiatus hernia and grade one esophagitis. I have read up on both these problems and it says that small hiatus hernias rarely give off any symptoms as for the esophagitis it could be a number of things that has caused this.

I deeply regret having had this operation done as I was leading a perfectly normal life prior to this and it has now ruined my life completely, the constant throat and neck tightening is awful. I do not get reflux so I don't think that it could be caused by this.

Do you know anyone that can give me a second opinion on this, it has ruined my life.


The symptoms that you describe have sometimes been associated with one of the techniques used in neck lift surgery, namely the Giampapa sutures.

It would be worthwhile asking your surgeon whether this technique was also used in your case. If yes, removing the suture may relieve the symptoms.

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