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I want to reduce the bridge of my nose and nasal tip.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 23 April 2012


I want to reduce the bridge of my nose and nasal tip as well as blur the cheekbones as they are to wide. Can this be done together?

Also I have a wide head, do you reduce the side of the skull as well?


It is indeed possible to correct the bridge of the nose and cheek bone contour using surgery, and the 2 interventions can be carried out together.

Planning for the cheekbone intervention would require 3-D imaging and simulation in order to determine the degree of change that you feel is appropriate for your features, and whether it is feasible to apply this type of change through surgery.

With regards to the side of the skull, craniofacial procedures can provide assistance if there is underlying pathology, but this is not an area of current practice for me.

However, if your perception is that there is excessive width in the temple region, this may be determined by overdevelopment of the temporal muscles, and this can be addressed using botulinum toxin injections, without any surgical intervention.

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