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My concern is that my chin and jaw seem to just blend into each other.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 24 May 2013


I'm a 27 year old woman and have been self conscious of my profile since the age of about 14. My concern is that my chin and jaw seem to just blend into each other.

I initally thought that a simple liposuction procedure under the chin but in several consultations I have been told that lipsuction will only provide a small improvement because the issue is the position of the muscles in my neck which results in no angle between my chin and jaw. At my age does this mean I am out of options?


It is possible to produce a significant improvement in the contour of the neck in all ages, and I believe you have received correct information regarding liposuction and its limitations. There are however technical alternatives which are more powerful in contouring the neck because they address the volume below the platysma muscles.

I would be happy to see you in consultation and discuss the alternatives.

Lucian Ion Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Lucian Ion FRCS(Plast)
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