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Would you recommend the Endotine for dropped cheeks?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 07 February 2013


As my cheek fat pads have dropped but I don't have loose or wrinkled skin, I was thinking the Endotine cheek lift might be good for me.

Do you have any before & after photos of the Endotine cheek lift done as a stand alone procedure?

Would you recommend the Endotine for dropped cheeks and how long could I expect the lift to last for?


The endotine is only a modality for support and fixation of a mid-facelift. What makes the mid-facelift successful is a proper indication and planning, combined with proper execution.

It is hard for me to know without a photograph whether this type of intervention may be suitable for you, but in the context of a 3-D imaging and simulation it becomes more apparent whether repositioning of the cheek mound is an intervention that would create the effect you are after.

The longevity of the treatment spans over several years and I'm afraid I do not have any photographs of this type of treatment that I can show.

Another point regarding the procedure is that in some situations the effect of lifting the lateral brow and the cheek mound creates a continuity of change that patients may find favourable.

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