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Body Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Can you tell me roughly the price of an apronectomy?

I am overweight, would it be possible to have the fat removed by liposuction?

Can you show me in 3D imaging facelift, fat transfer, VASER liposelection?

I need a tummy tuck. I had two C sections and my stomach muscles are non existant.

What is the difference between Vaser and Body Tite and which procedure would you recommend?

How much approximately would a liposuction cost?

Would you be able to repair an umbilical hernia and do a tummy tuck in the same operation?

How much is an apronectomy likely to cost?

How much does it cost for an arm lift?

I'm interested in having breast augmentation and liposuction. How much in total would it cost for these procedures?

I would like bodytite liposuction to my stomach, but don't want a general anaesthetic. Is this possible?

I am thinking of some work to my thighs? Can you give me an idea of fee for a consultation please?

I went under abdominoplasty in 2009 and I am very unhappy with my results. Can I get any surgical fat removal again?

I have a severe diastasis after birth of second child. Is there any other types of surgery to rectify aesthetics of belly button?

How much does a thigh reduction cost?

My legs are horrible, they are fat and on the shape of an arch. Is there any chance to make them look better?

I am intrested in tummy tuck and fat transfer to buttocks. I also want to know the rough pricing and if you offer finance?

I have just had my baby and I need a abdominoplasty. How soon can the surgery be undertaken?

I would like to know the costs for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and tummy tuck?

I would like to have Vaser done on my flanks, upper/lower abdomen and love handles.

What are the side effects, what happens with the excess skin, does the fat comes back after having a Vaser procedure?

I would like to know you perform liposuction to the pubis mound?

I had Vaser Liposuction on my inner thighs. Fluid gathered and has now become a solid itchy, uncomfortable, protruding lump.

I've had bodytite on 7 areas and I'm left with indentations on my thighs and bum and desperately need help.

How much is a tummy tuck?

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